What we do

We have extensive knowledge and experience of traditional painting skills that have been used by craftsmen for centuries, and I have used that knowledge to build a business that transforms mundane pieces of everyday furniture into unique masterpieces.



Having served my apprenticeship in our family-run decorating business, established in 1960. I now use the skills passed on to me by my father in the decorative paint finishes applied to furniture.

Most of the modern paint finishes are simply an adaptation of techniques used by craftsmen in years gone by. One of the changes within the paint industry, I have experienced, is the wide spread introduction of water based paints, this has lead to much safer working conditions, it also has less impact on the environment.


We specialise particularly in fitted kitchens and fitted or freestanding bedroom and bathroom furniture usually designed and manufactured by local cabinetmakers/kitchen companies.If you have existing fitted or freestanding furniture, or old, tired laminate or timber kitchens, these can be rejuvenated by preparing the existing surface to accept paint then applying the paint to your chosen colour.

Use your imagination

As paint can be applied to almost any surface, old or new, the possibilities of transforming a simple piece of furniture can be as spectacular as your imagination can stretch to.I have painted old wooden chests, book cases, tables, chairs, dressers, various cabinets and fire surrounds, to name but a few.

The Environment

Year upon year hundreds of old solid wood kitchens are thrown in to land fill sites to be replaced by new kitchens. You can help reduce the impact this has on our environment by having your kitchen/furniture professionally painted . I recommend using Tikkurila paint as all their paints are water based and eco friendly. Their finishes are all low in odour and classified as either low or minimal VOC.

If you have an unusual colour scheme in mind, don’t worry – I can mix the paint to match almost anything.