A bit of a change

This one was a bit of a change from our regular colours and we love it.

This existing kitchen was factory painted, so as usual there is no need for us to take the doors to our workshop. All the doors were removed and worked on on-site with the help of our new rack. The whole kitchen was given a light sand down to get a good key into the surface for the paint to adhere to. We coated the whole kitchen with a dark primer before the finial colour was applied.

The colour the client chose was Farrow and Balls ‘Railings’



dscf9628 dscf9629dscf9630 dscf9631dscf9632 dscf9634


dscf9635 dscf9636

dscf9637 dscf9638


dscf9640 dscf9641

dscf9642 dscf9639

First coat of colour

dscf9643 dscf9644 dscf9645 dscf9646 dscf9647


dscf9648 dscf9649 dscf9650 dscf9652 dscf9655 dscf9656 dscf9657