Case study: Hand painted kitchen

Original kitchen

This job was one of the first kitchens I painted about 13 years ago (one of the first kitchens I painted after going full time into the kitchen business).

The house had just changed hands and the new owner wanted the kitchen repainted to fit in with their own style and furniture, the beauty of a hand painted kitchen is that it can be changed quite easily and inexpensively in comparison to a new kitchen.

I firstly removed all the ironmongery from the cabinets, taped and protected the surrounding areas, then all the painted surfaces (including all internals which were bare MDF when new) were cleaned and sanded to remove any blemishes/damaged areas. A coat of specialist adhesion primer was then applied to stabilise the surface then finished with 2 coats of eggshell finish paint. As you can see in a couple of the pictures there was some water damage to the over mantle which needed major repair work.

Firstly, the damaged areas were cut out, then filled using an epoxy filler. Once the filler had dried and set it was sanded down to make the surface even. These areas were then finished in the same process as the rest of the kitchen. The client chose a slight change of colour which was Farrow & Ball 'Cord' & 'Downpipe' in estate eggshell.

Rubbing off varnish
Nearly there
Finished kitchen