Less Is More

Our client inherited this kitchen when they bought this prestigious house in Edinburgh. Although a very well made kitchen the previous painters hadn’t taken as much time or care over it as you might have expected or indeed should have. As you can see from the pictures the previous painter had even painted the hinges! And although they had done a reasonable job of painting the doors it was the minor details that was letting it down.

Finding a colour was a bit of a challenge for this job as the client had seen a colour that she loved but it was not a ‘Farrow and Ball’ colour which would be our recommendation. After a few colour consultations and a few tests of different paints from different companies we found one that was almost perfect and with a little more mixing from us the colour was just what she was looking for. The client also asked if we could remove the ‘over exaggerated’ pilasters and corbels on the over-mantel as they were not to her taste.

When we arrived at the job, as usual, we protected all the surfaces before removing all the doors and ironmongery. After that it was all given a thorough sand using our state of the art dust free sanding system, damaged areas and gaps were filled. After spending a little bit of time figuring out how to remove the pilasters, we then filled the damaged areas and covered some of it in a thin plywood  to give a smooth finish, which was much more in keeping with the look the client was looking for. Once we were happy with the repair work and a further sand of those areas we applied a coat of specialist adhesion primer to the whole kitchen.

After another light sand it was time for the application of colour . The whole kitchen was given three coats of colour.

Once Everything was finished being painted and dry, we replaced the doors with new chrome hinges which we sourced for the client. The new hinges were exactly the same as the old ones we removed but this time they weren’t covered in paint! We also refitted all the handles after they were given a clean as some also had the old paint on them.

The client is delighted with the job we have done. She is very impressed at how well the over mantel looks and now fits into the kitchen better.

Before we started

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Over-mantel before

2016-12-05-08-57-29 2016-12-05-08-56-54

Over-mantel after corbels and pilasters removed


After some repair work

2016-12-06-10-19-45 2016-12-06-10-19-32

Primed and first coated


Primer on the rest of the kitchen

2016-12-07-09-07-38 2016-12-07-09-07-30

2016-12-07-09-07-25 2016-12-07-09-07-10

2016-12-07-09-07-01 2016-12-07-09-06-54-1

First coat of colour

2016-12-07-14-59-39 2016-12-07-14-59-31

2016-12-07-14-59-20 2016-12-07-14-59-13


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