Lighter and Brighter

This was a relativity small kitchen compared to others that we have painted.

Our brief was to brighten the room up and to make it look newer and fresher.

After a shorter colour consultation than we were used to, the client decided that instead of a bright white she would prefer a pale grey to match her walls and worktops.

As this kitchen was wood we took all the doors and drawer fronts away to our workshop to be worked on. All the remaining parts were sanded on site to get rid of any dirt, grease and lacquer. They were then given a coat of the specialist primer we use. After the primer had dried it was given a light sand and a few coats of the chosen colour, which was Farrow and Ball in ‘Ammonite’. The doors were given the same treatment back at our workshop.

All the doors were then re-fitted and any adjustments were made. We also sourced and fitted new handles to go with the new and more modern look.


photo-28-09-2016-15-06-31   dscf9369

photo-28-09-2016-15-06-25   dscf9372

photo-28-09-2016-15-06-28   dscf9373

photo-28-09-2016-15-06-29   dscf9374

photo-28-09-2016-15-06-31-1   dscf9371