Second Hand Kitchen Update

Just a short update on the post we put up a while ago (Second Hand Clive Christian Kitchen).

We completed this kitchen earlier in the year, but the client hadn’t had her granite worktops installed yet, and we said we would love to take some photos when it was all complete. It has been some time since they were installed but as we have been so busy it has been hard to find time to go back. Finally we got the chance and we have to say it looks stunning! As you can see from some of the before picture we had quite a lot of work to do before we even started painting. Months later the client is still extremely pleased with the results.

The Finished Kitchen

dscf9474 dscf9473 dscf9470 dscf9469

dscf9467 dscf9460

dscf9466 dscf9461  dscf9459 dscf9455


Before We Started

Kitchen before we started



Stained cupboard