Short But Sweet

The work never stops around here!

This was a lovely melamine kitchen that didn’t have anything wrong with it but the owners decided they wanted a brighter fresher look.

As this was melamine there is no need for sanding, so no mess and no need to take the doors back to our workshop this time. After preparing the area and covering surfaces we removed all the handles…. The whole kitchen was given a clean down to get rid of any residue or dirt that might have been on any of the surfaces. All the surfaces were then given a coat of our specialist primer then after it had dried it was given a light sand and it was ready for the finished colour. The clients chose Farrow and Ball ‘Ammonite’ in estate eggshell.

After the painting was finished we refitted the handles and made any adjustments to the doors that were needed.

The client was very happy with the finished result and was very pleased that it only took a few days to complete with very little disruption.

“Your speed of work, standard and cleanliness were very much appreciated and highly commended.” – Nicola


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2016-09-05 08.36.55  2016-09-06 13.28.13

2016-09-05 08.37.06  2016-09-06 13.28.58

2016-09-05 08.37.16  2016-09-06 13.28.52

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2016-09-05 08.38.22  2016-09-06 13.27.26

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